About Us

-Ray Hershey has been a hot rodder for almost 50 years, back when we peeled out, laid rubber,

did burnouts, fishtailed, and drag raced on the streets and back roads.

-Back when triple carbs were the hottest thing you could do to your v-8 Flathead or your 292 ford.

-Drive in movies were always a kick when you hid your friends in the trunk and sneaked them in for free.

-Cruising the drive-in restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights and showing off your glass packs.

-Continental Kits, Fender Skirts, Baby moons and spinners, Lowered in the back, Raked , Nosed, Decked, and Pin Stripped was the call of the day.

To this day it is still a passion of Ray's and he's trying to create great venues to show off and display friends cars with the same passion.

Kind of a "Blast from the past" with the worlds oldest teenager.

His son Raymond has obviously been raised around hot rods all his life and actively involved for the past 15 years.

The difference is, his generation doesn't just burnout or lay rubber, they have added drifting, fuel injection, and stereo systems that cost more than my first car.

Raymond has built cars from the ground up and does automotive restoration along with full car details and basic Maintenance.

kind of a " Back to the future" if you will.

He has a passion for the old classics but has a flare for the latest technology.

The name "Time Machine Car Shows" just seemed fitting. 

In 2013, Ray took a chance on a redhead with impeccable handwriting and a slight knowledge on classic cars. Brittany was brought on to the team and was a perfect fit. The guys love her, and she brings a level of spunk to the group. ‚Äč

In April of 2018, Ray Hershey went to run car shows for the Big Guy in the Sky, while Raymond and Brittany tried to fill some pretty large shoes.